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Mervyns’ statement should be condemned: GL

External Affairs Minister G.L Peiris yesterday said he could not condone statements made by a government Minister who claimed that he would clamp down on journalists and human rights activists who had travelled to Geneva.   “It is wrong and there is no defense of it. I cannot condone a statement from anybody when they state they are going to resort to violence. It is clearly wrong; no right thinking person is going to defend it or justify it,” he said.

However he said it was wrong for the international community to interpret one statement of violence as the official position of the government of Sri Lanka.

On the issues of Human Rights Activists who had been threatened while in Geneva Minister Pieris said that members of the delegation reacted emotively due to the unfair accusations made by the activists.

 On Friday Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva said he would break the limbs of some journalists, who had gone abroad and made various statements against the country, if they dared to set foot in the country. (By Dianne Silva)


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