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Mervyn warns journalists to book coffins

Katunayake (Srilankamirror) – Minister Mervyn Silva has warned journalists, whom he claimed were insulting the president and other important persons, to book coffins for themselves immediately.  He said at a function in Katunayake yesterday (Nov. 20) that he was finding the addresses of such journalists.
The minister said there are lowly so-called journalists who insult important persons.

He asked whether it was the president who should be held accountable for the matter between Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra and Duminda Silva.

Is it the president who should answer, if Mervyn Silva did some wrong? he asked.

The Rajapaksa family that united the nation has now become the culpable.

Sarath Fonseka forgot the past and the country suffers, including attempts to arrest the president, for his doings, he said.

All should unite to face it.

The minister went onto say that certain Buddhist monks had protested against the judiciary, and if not for his being at the Kelani Vihara at that time, he would not have allowed it.


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