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Media Secretary’s Advisory Letter to Media: PM Requests a Show Case

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday asked the new Parliamentary Reforms and Media Ministry Secretary Nimal Bopage, to show cause as to why he had sent a notice to media institutions with regard to internal affairs of Parliament.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe asked Bopage to visit Temple Trees and show cause as to why he sent a notice to media institutions beyond his realm of duties. He informed Bopage to visit Temple Trees after taking the notice issued by him to media institutions into consideration. A number of senior ministers have drawn the attention of the Prime Minister towards this notice issued by the new Ministry Secretary Nimal Bopage.

The Prime Minister has told the ministers that use of the term “Joint Opposition” had not been banned though it had not been recognized in Parliament as a separate group.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe had also informed the ministers that five parties have been recognized in Parliament excluding the Joint Opposition.

He had informed the ministers that the SLFP had not recognized the Joint Opposition.

The Prime Minister had told the ministers that the five groups recognized as separate parties in Parliament have identified themselves in different names outside Parliament. Premier Wickremesinghe had told them that several groups and parties who are with the government are holding separate May Day celebrations and had no issue to the government.

He had told them that issuing a statement over the matters which are related to affairs in Parliament by a third party is unethical.

The senior ministers who were present had told the Premier that the Government, Prime Minister and the President would face any inconvenience.

Shiromi Abeysinghe


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