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Media director Hulugalle Owes Rs. 900,000 to CEB

By Indika Sri Aravinda 
A private radio station registered under the name of the wife of the Director General of the Media Center for National Security Lakshman Hulugalle, owes the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) over Rs. 900,000 on electricity bills.

The Matale transmission station of Sath FM had not paid its electricity bills for a period of time before supply was disconnected in October last year, the Matale CEB engineer’s office said.

An official at the office told The Sunday Leader that even after the electricity was discontinued the bills still remain unpaid. The official said that the bills had later been sent to the Colombo office of Sath FM radio and yet they had gone unpaid.

The CEB has in recent times said it had carried out raids on power pirates and institutions which had not paid their electricity bills and have even gone to court to recover overdue money.

However so far action has not been taken to recover the money from the radio station.



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