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May Day: Sampanthan urge all parties to join hands to resolve the root causes of the national question

May Day Message:

As we commemorate one of the most historically important days of the world history, my best wishes go to all working-class people of this country who give their best to take this island nation to a brighter future.

The working class is the backbone of our economic prosperity hence the rights and the well-being of the working class must be protected and ensured. Sadly, the present governing structures of our country do not treat everyone equally or give the same respect and dignity to all people.

As we remember this International Labor Day let us also take stock of our past which has caused us to be far behind in economic prosperity in the region and make necessary radical steps to address and find a solution to the root causes of the same.

Inevitably we need to evolve a Constitution the supreme law of the country that treats each one of its citizens equally with dignity and self-respect in order to enjoy lasting peace and economic prosperity. We have missed many opportunities in the past in fulfilling this great need of our motherland and we cannot afford to lose another opportunity in this regard.

My appeal to all political parties on this May Day, for the sake of the future of this country and for the future generations of this Island is to set aside all political differences and to join hands to resolve the root causes of the national question.

Hon R. Sampanthan, Leader of the Opposition – Parliament of Sri Lanka, Leader of Tamil National Alliance.


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