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Marriage proposal to Navi Pillay: I will not apologize – Mervyn


Minister Mervyn Silva doubts that Minister Dulles Alahapperuma would have forgotten the relationship between the Silva family and his family (Alahapperuma), as Minister Alahapperuma had criticized the marriage proposal made by Mervyn Silva to Navanethem Pillay.

Minister Silva made this remark, in response to Minister Alahapperuma’s statement that he would apologize on behalf of the whole Cabinet over Silva’s indecent proposal that he (Minister Silva) would marry Navanethem Pillay, the United Nation’s Human Rights Commissioner, who was in Sri Lanka recently.
“The Sinhala word aseelachara (indecent) is not a word used loosely. I am a man who was born in Ruhuna. I am a strong Buddhist and I love my country. I am prepared to express my views against anyone who tries to destroy my country, be it a local or foreign element,” Minister Silva said.

“I didn’t invite anyone to go with me to the park, or to pick flowers. I didn’t speak of marriage. What I meant was that Pillay should respect our country without carrying on propaganda for the LTTE. But everyone has misunderstood it. All these issues can be attributed to her negative attitude towards Sri Lanka. I won’t apologize to anyone whose feelings were hurt. I am a man from Beliatta. I will apologize only to the President and the members of his family,” Minister Silva added.
Continuing with his explanation, he said: “I am surprised that Minister Dulles appears to be worried about my statement on Pillay. I think he is angry with me over this remark. Minister Dulles could have spoken to me over the telephone in this regard. Why is he apologizing over such a trivial matter? There are so many other things a minister can apologize for.”



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