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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Majority of Lankans don’t want national assets sold: Survey reveals

A majority of the Sri Lankan population are against selling of national assets considering the situation of country’s economy, a survey has revealed.

A survey carried out by Social Scientists Association led by Prof. Jayadeva Uyangoda together with USAID had revealed that 93. 8% of the younger generation and 93.2% of the elderly population does not think national assets should be sold off.

Only 42.1% of the youth and 47.4% of the elderly believe that recruitment of persons to the state sector should be minimized.

As per the research report 69.1% of the youth population and 69.4% of the elderly population believes that development projects implemented in Sri Lanka after the war will have some benefit to the nation in the future.

Meanwhile the survey has also revealed that 76.6% of the youth population, and 71.9% of the elderly population believe that rulers have to be responsible for the country’s economic downturn while 32.4% of the youth and 28% of the elderly believes that COVID-19 pandemic had contributed to the economic down turn.



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