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Majority for National Government – LMD/TNS Nationwide Poll

TNS Lanka’s latest survey, for business magazine LMD, sheds light on the political undercurrents and key governance concerns in present-day Sri Lanka. The results of the monthly countrywide poll reveal that a majority of respondents (53%) agree that Sri Lanka should be run by a ‘national government,’ with some going so far as to suggest that the system has delivered a ‘new beginning’ for the country.

“Moreover, at least six-in-10 respondents state that a national government should represent all political parties, mainly because it would provide an opportunity to obtain the opinions of a wider segment of politicians,” LMD reports.

Peoples# choice
Peoples# choice

The magazine adds: “But those who oppose this view (26%) argue that it would mean the lack of an Opposition in the local political sphere. Also worthy of note is that 54 percent of those polled agree that an effective Opposition isn’t a priority at this juncture.”

According to survey respondents, Sri Lanka’s track record of governance can only be radically improved “provided that there is strict enforcement of the law, competent and educated individuals are appointed to key posts, and steps are taken to curb corruption.”
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