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Mahinda+Namal+Rishard+Ratnayake+Re settlement= Humbug; Only15 families have re settled in Murikandy

It is said that only 15 families have resettled in Murikandy in the Mullaithivu district. Though 47 families were brought from the Menik farm detention camp today, only 15 families who had land deeds and registrations were permitted to re settle.

At the same time families which did not have land deeds were to be distributed ¼ acre of land each. But this move was   severely opposed. “We will not settle in other people’s lands and our own lands should be given back to us” these people say.

33 families which lived outside the camp were not re settled, but government reports say that 80 families of Murikandy were resettled. The 15 families permitted to resettle have started making temporary houses.

It was announced that the lands that were to be distributed were in the area which is One Kilometer long, Close to the A9 highway in Murikandy and 235 meters wide. But people say that the particular area is not suitable for residing and there had paddy fields in the area in the past.

The people say that they will not accept the activity of dividing their lands into many plots including the high lands where they lived earlier, paddy fields, their houses, well and the toilet, and giving to people who have no connections with them. They say that they will engage in protests from the Marikandy School until they get back their lands.

The government sector trying to pacify the protesting people of Murikandy, and wants to distribute the particular land at ¼ acre per family and on the other hand has planned to grab several acres of land belonging to the people. The people who severely oppose this move say that they will intensify their protest and continue the protest until they get back their lands.
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