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Mahinda in Jaffna; and Posters Warning the Tamils

With President Mahinda Rajapakse making a visit to Jaffna, posters warning the Tamils with death are being distributed throughout the country.  These posters threaten the Tamils with death for supporting the Liberation Tigers and for spreading tales against the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

The posters are said to warn the Tiger supporters both local and international. The posters have come in the name of ‘Warning Alliance Safeguarding the Country’ and We Sri Lankan’s: The Protecting Force’.

Posters from the same groups had come up in Jaffna a few days ago, according to GTN news media.

“We killed those who supported the tigers”. The posters say once again that they had killed those who supported the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Eelam struggle, and those who had supported the student struggle in the Sri Lankan soil, Peoples struggle, media war, political uprising.

The members of Tamil student’s federation Nilukshan, Gunendran, The members of the people’s force Jana, Aruldeepan, Nithan and parliamentarians and also journalists like Ravivarman were all given death sentences by us, the posters also said.

It is said the intelligence unit of the army is behind these threatening posters issued in the name of ‘Alliance Safeguarding the Country’ and We Sri Lankan Protection Force’.

The persons who were named as those who were given death sentences were in fact killed by the Jaffna army intelligentsia during the days of the war, GTN reports say.

Activities against the Government by the Tamil Diaspora

The death warning posters also say that the Tamil Diaspora in the countries where they live at present is engaged in activities that incite terrorism once again, while the Tamils in Sri Lanka are trying to live here as the second community.

The Tamils are trying to live as the second communities in Sri Lanka at present while the Liberation Tigers and their absurd Eelam struggle was buried in Mullivaikkal in 2008.

At this stage we are closely watching those who are stiring terrorism among the Tamil Diaspora, Jaffna University and the schools and those in the Tamil Diaspora who are indulging in activities against the Sri Lankan government in the countries where they live at present.

False Propaganda against the Government through the Internet

The posters also warned all those were indulging in writing and publishing false propaganda against the Sri Lankan government in the internet and those who write against the Sri Lankan government in the Face Book and Twitter social networking sites, and also those who file cases against the honorable ministers of Sri Lanka and indulge in activities that bring disrepute to Sri Lanka.

The posters also mentioned names of several persons both local and foreign while warning that the activities by the Tamil Diaspora in their migrated countries will pave the way for the total eradication of the Tamils community in this country.


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