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LTTE plans second armed struggle! Military intelligence uncovers details

Tissa Ravindra Perera  –  Intelligence authorities have uncovered a plan to resurrect the LTTE through an attempt to register an organisation for displaced in Vanni targeting another armed conflict, highly placed intelligence sources revealed. They said the plan behind the move was to recruit rehabilitated LTTE cadres who were in LTTE’s military units back to the now defunct LTTE terror group.
They have also reached former LTTE military members who left the organisation earlier to the defeat of the LTTE. The planned organisation had designed itself to operate under three arms of the LTTE overseas based – Nediwayan, Rudrakumaran and Emmanuel Groups.

 These three LTTE ‘foreign-based arms’ were operating from the USA, Norway and Europe, sources revealed. The Defence Ministry has taken measures to educate the youth in the once war-torn areas on the impending dangers of the hidden plan mooted by LTTE sympathisers here and abroad.

 National Intelligence Chief of Military Major General Kapila Hendawitharana has alerted state officials in those areas of this hidden plan by pro-LTTE gangs. Meanwhile, intelligence sources have found evidence that overseas based LTTE groups continued to have contacts with pro-LTTE gangs operating as organisations for the displaced persons.

 The government has spent million of rupees to rehabilitate former LTTE combatants and educated them in different vocational fields paving the way to re-integrate them into the society.
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