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LSSP wants Govt. to fix time frame for implementing LLRC Report

The LSSP, a constituent member of the UPFA government says that a time frame should be fixed for implementing the LLRC recommendations.

Leader of the LSSP and Senior Minister of Scientific Affairs, Tissa Vitharana told The Island in an interview that the Government should not appear to be under pressure from the US or the UNHRC, in complying with its very own recommendations.

Asked if the government was serious about implementing the LLRC Report, he said: “Yes. We must implement it. It’s our duty. But it should not appear that we are doing it under pressure from the US or the UNHRC. The government should first work out a time schedule, list the things it would do and then go ahead and prove its intentions.”

Referring to the US Resolution on “Accountability and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka,” which was adopted by the UNHRC recently, the Minister said “They are looking at it from the point of view of seeing that justice is done to the Tamil people and working out a solution which would lead to national unity.”

Differences of opinion exist on how national unity could be achieved. The LSSP for its part stands for devolution of power to the provinces, Vitharana said adding that the degree of devolution may have to be gradual, while the process of confidence building continues.

Questioned if police powers should also be devolved, he said: “We may not be able to give the maximum at the beginning. There may be a limited level of police powers that needs to be granted and we can start with that. Then as confidence builds up over a period of time, you can extend those powers. The important thing is to have a process of dialogue and work towards a solution that is acceptable to the majority of people in all communities.”
by Zacki Jabbar


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