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Monday, December 11, 2023

LSSP leader calls on people to defeat conspiracy

General Secretary of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party, Minister Prof. Tissa Vitharana yesterday called upon the people to unite to defeat the American conspiracy against Sri Lanka.

“As regime changes through elections is not an immediate prospect in Sri Lanka, these capitalist countries have ganged up like in 1971 and in 1988/89 and the JVP is being used by the CIA as the channel to install a government of their choice in our country. We should be cautious about innocent youth in danger of being used again as cannon fodder,” Prof. Vitharana said.

The LSSPleader said: “Our country which has successfully emerged from a war against terrorism and separatism is in danger of once again being plunged into a situation of open conflict and war. We call upon all Sri Lankans to unite to defeat these manoeuvres. Let us defeat this conspiracy as one

Sri Lankan nation. The crisis of the global capitalist economic system is deepening and the dominance of the US is under threat. The remedial action to date by the political and business leaders of the USA and Europe, that were worst affected, had not succeeded. The poorer majority of people in those countries (‘the 99%’) were openly protesting against the ruling elite (‘the one percent’),” the LSSP Leader said.

Out of sheer desperation, the capitalist rulers of the world were, Prof. Vitharana said, resorting to military might to facilitate the neo-colonial exploitation of third world economies. In Sri Lanka, they saw the UPFA government as an impediment to their programme.

The conspiracy to pave the way for a regime change has both an international and national dimensions. Internationally, bodies like the UN Human Rights Council was being used as the forum to pass a resolution, which the US government moved to condemn Sri Lanka for alleged violation of human rights at the closing stages of the war against the LTTE. The case for it had been manufactured in collaboration with the pro-LTTE diaspora and included the channel 4 video and the Darusman Report. “If this succeeds it can pave the way for action against the government leaders, like the President and military leaders in the international Criminal Court (ICC) and even to place economic sanctions against our country and people. This morally and materially weaken our country and its leadership,” Prof. Vitharana said.

He said that nationally there were some elements conspiring to overthrow the government. Moves were being made by the JVP, especially its Rebel group, headed by Kamaran Gunaratnam to topple the government by extra-parliamentary means.

The Fonseka issue was being used to make President Mahinda Rajapaksa unpopular and to provide an alternative national leadership. Luxury life styles, extravagance etc, maladministration and failure to achieve true national unity had become ammunition for the conspirators. They needed to be rectified quickly. There was also a need to stop TNA and UNP calling for international intervention, Prof. Vitharana said.
 By Franklin R. Sathyapalan


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