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LLRC recommendations – GL’s letter to constituent parties

Today, the Sunday Times reveals the English text of the document Peiris handed over to constituent parties of the UPFA (United People’s Freedom Alliance) for study and report. The idea was to determine which of the recommendations by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) should be implemented.
President Mahinda Rajapaksa wants to ensure unanimity by taking along with him the smaller partners of his government. In the document, Peiris makes his own observations (Published below with a = mark) wherever action has been or is being taken. Here is the document:

“LLRC Recommendations
1. National Policy
(a) Consensual decision making on national issues
*Parliament Select Committee
Values of democracy, tolerance and power sharing
Collective effort by political leadership, civil society and individual citizens
Grievances of minority communities
Devolution of power
Empowerment of people and greater people’s participation
Second chamber
(b) Interaction with Diaspora

Diaspora activities division to be set up jointly by Ministries of External Affairs and Economic Development
Meetings with Diaspora groups in host countries
Networking between Sri Lankan Parliamentarians and Parliamentarians in relevant countries.
(c) Citizens’ Grievances
Strengthening functions of Ombudsman
Formally structured Citizens’ Committees at grass root level
Strengthening capacity of National Human Rights Commission
Expanding scope of Language Commission, decentralization to every province
(d) ‘Hate speeches’ and inflaming of passion
Stronger legislation
Greater effectiveness in law enforcement
(e) Time frame to challenge legislation before Supreme Court
Extend time frame without prejudice to urgent bills
(f) Other LLRC recommendations
a) Delinking Police Department from institutions dealing with Armed forces
b) Implement permanent Police Commission
c) National Anthem to be sung in both languages
d) Apology by all political leaders for collective failure to prevent conflict
e) Separate event on National Day to express solidarity and empathy with all victims of conflict
2. Final Phase of Conflict
(a) Specific episodes of killing civilians reported to Commission
Work in hand by A-G’s Dept.
Military Court of Inquiry
(b) Expeditious grant of appropriate redress
– Compensation
Strengthening of REPPIA
– Other facilities (education, employment etc.)
(c) Further examination of issue of medical supplies and food
Work of CCHA and Presidential Task Force to be highlighted
(d) Disappearances, Surrender, arrest
A-G’s Dept
(e) Legal Framework for Conflicts between States and Non state Groups
Engagement with international community
To take up issue in appropriate international forum
(f) Island wide household survey to Determine death, injury
National Census
Work already done by MOD
(g) Independent Inquiry into Channel 4 video
3. HR and Security Issues
(a) Implementation of recommendations by Past Commissions
A-G to present list
(b) Immediate inquiry into allegations of disappearances, abductions, tracing of persons surrendered of arrested
(c) Publicity for new amendments to Registration of Death Act
(d) Strict adherence to legal requirements when making arrests
(e) Independent Advisory Committee to monitor and examine detention and arrest of persons under Public Security Ordinance
(f) Assist families regarding whereabouts of family members
Family Tracing Unit maintained by Dept. of Probation and Child Services
(g) Centralized data base on detainees to give Information to next of kin
(h) Facilitating visits by next of kin
(i) Speedy disposal of cases relating to detainees
– Priorities
(j) Supervision of integration of those who have been rehabilitated
(k) Strengthening of security and confidence among resettled IDPs
(l) Attacks on journalists and media freedom
(m) Freedom of Information Act
(n) Religious observances
(o) Stop child recruitment by TMVP
(p) Rehabilitation of exchild combatants
= Supervision, training etc.
(q) Disarming of persons in possession of unauthorized weapons
(r) Killing of 600 persons by LTTE in the East
(s) Offences committed by persons connected to EPDP
(t) Setting up of Units of Attorney General’s Dept. in the Provinces to advise Police Officers
(u) Bilingual competence on the part of the police officers .
4. Resettlement and Development
(a) Reconciliation
Peace education programme
(b) Language policy
Bridging communication gap though national language policy
Each other’s languages to be compulsory in schools
Teacher training
Training of Government officers
Information technology
(c) Education
Review of quota system
Equitable distribution of facilities
Mixed schools for ethnic groups
Twinning of schools, student exchange programmes
Universities to cater to all ethnic groups
Inter provincial and national sports tournaments
(d) Religion
Deterrent action to prevent vandalizing religious places
Unity of action among religious leaders
Interfaith religious groups
Early warning and early diffusing mechanism
(e) Arts and culture
Creating greater awareness of linguistic and cultural affinities
Translation of publications into Tamil and Sinhala
Cinema, TV and stage drama
(f) People to people contact
Business chambers
(g) Vulnerable Groups
Families whose breadwinners are detained
Appointment of Inter Agency Task Force to address issues relating to vulnerable groups
Rehabilitated ex-child combatants
Disabled and elderly
59,000 women headed households
(h) Land Issues
Copies of title deeds destroyed
Cancellation of illegal land transfers
Depoliticization of this issue
Speedy solutions (eg. Kachcheri system) allay fears: jurisdiction of courts no ousted
Training of officers and community leaders involved in resolution of land disputes
Disengagement of security forces from land restitution programme
Community consulting meetings prior to implementation of LCG circular
Issues regarding prescriptive title

Priorities regarding allocation of land to those identified as landless

Prevention of alienation of State lands to all except IDPs
Penal sanctions against attorneys-at-law and notaries who violate this
Review of current utilization of private land for security purposes
District land use plans
Establishment of National Land Commission
Refugees from India
Muslim IDPs
Sinhala IDPs
Long terms IDPs



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