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Letter to Sri Lanka President: Demand for Justice for the People of Veeramunai

His Excellency the President
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.

Demand for Justice for the People of Veeramunai

On August 12, 1990, 55 individuals from the villages of Veeramunai, Malwaththai,
Valathappitti, Mallikaitthivu, and Weeracholai, who had been displaced and sought refuge
in the temples and schools of Veeramunai village within the Sammanthuraira Divisional
Secretariat Division of Ampara District in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, were
tragically killed by the Sri Lanka Paramilitary forces , which was operating in those
areas. Eyewitness accounts indicate that the soldiers brutally attacked and killed these
individuals, particularly targeting children, whom they beat against walls.
Survivors have also attested that while those who were injured were taken to hospitals,
they subsequently disappeared, and efforts were made to destroy evidence.
Today marks 33 years since these individuals lost their lives. Unfortunately, those
responsible for these atrocities have not been held accountable, and justice has been
denied to the victims.
Due to this ongoing injustice, the family members and well-wishers of the victims
continue to demand justice. Annually, on this day (August 12), we hold commemorations
to bring attention to the challenges and threats faced by the Sri Lankan nation and the
international community.
It is imperative to emphasize that the Government of Sri Lanka bears full responsibility
for these incidents. Throughout the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka, similar
massacres occurred during the past conflicts, particularly in areas of Tamil People.
Notably, we draw attention to the heart-wrenching incidents such as the Batticaloa
Mailanthanai Massacre in the Eastern Province and the Trincomalee Kumarapuram
Massacre. Despite having submitted lawsuits with compelling evidence, the victims of
these incidents have been denied justice within the Sri Lankan Courts.

Today, on August 12, 2023, the 33rd commemoration of this tragedy is observed.
On this solemn occasion, we earnestly request the following:

1. The Sri Lankan government must actively pursue the case related to this massacre.
2. Ensure fair and equitable justice for the victims.
3. Apprehend and prosecute those responsible for these crimes.
4. Safeguard the security for regular commemorative events for the victims.
5. Implement measures to prevent the recurrence of such atrocities. We urge the government to publicly outline the steps taken in this regard.

Signed by the Affected Individuals, Relatives,
Veeramuna, Sammanthurai,
Ampara, Sri Lanka.
12th August 2023.

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