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Friday, July 12, 2024

Leave UN – UNP

Secretary of the UNP MP Tissa Atthanayake said that if the government is not willing to be bound by the UN it should resign as a member state. “ As a country that has been a part of the United Nations for decades and having accepted the Human Rights charter of the United Nations, if this government can’t abide by what the UN has called for, there is no point remaining within the UN” he said.

Attanayake went on to point out that that instead of ‘parading’ on the streets the government should be honest in its diplomatic approach. “A problem of this nature can only be solved diplomatically, with clear and honest engagement with all relevant stakeholders. The government should be doing this instead of parading and shouting around the streets of this country” he said.

The Secretary of the country’s main opposition warned the government that the citizens of the country would have to pay a heavy price if the government continues with its high handed approach. “The people of this country are the ones that are going to suffer if the International community decides to clamp down on us. So we have to be very diplomatic and make sure that we do what, as a country, we are bound to do” he said.(By Hafeel Farisz)



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