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Leadership training killed her

Lumbini Karandana
The Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) alleged yesterday that a student who was selected for the university had died soon after undergoing the government leadership programme as a catarrhal problem of hers had worsened during the programme.

ISUF Convener Sanjeewa Bandara told a media briefing that this student who was from Thennakongama, Welimada (in Badulla District) had died on July 28, 2011  at the Badulla General Hospital due to severe respiratory problems according to  the doctors who had treated her.

Mr. Bandara said that the student had suffered from catarrh since her childhood, and two days after completing the leadership training session at the Diyatalawa Army Camp, she had been admitted to the Welimada Hospital due to serious health problems.

“This untimely death is the most pitiful result of the government’s forcible military training. This training is only a disaster created by the government to keep their political stability at the cost of the lives of innocent students” said the IUSF convener.

He said that, according to the doctors, a respiratory ailment could become critical due to severe physical exertion, inclement weather conditions and severe infection.

 “It’s clear that Nishanthi’s respiratory problem grew worse due to the hardship she had to endure during the military training, however hard the government officials try to ignore this problem.” he said.

He charged that that government had tried to prevent the media from publicising this tragedy.

“The government may describe this as a natural death due to existing health problems. But the public should be made aware of the truth,” he said.

“They will react to this as they responded to the deaths of Roshen Chanaka of the Free Trade Zone and Ruhuna University student Susantha to cover up their responsibility. People can’t openly say who has wronged them. This is the democracy in this country” he added.

He said it was reported that young students had suffered bone fractures, short term disabilities, food poisoning, attacks by wild elephants and wasps and also mental trauma during their training period.

He called on parents to take action and protest the injustices of the forcible military training which ruins the lives of the valuable up and coming generation.


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