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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

“Lawyers for Democracy” condemns the beastly & cowardly attack on Catholic Churches & tourist hotels

“Lawyers for Democracy” condemns the beastly and cowardly attack on three Catholic Churches and three tourist hotels, causing the death of nearly 150 innocent worshipers and tourists and causing serious injuries to hundreds. It is obvious that this is the result of a well-planned attack which shows a high level of professionalism. This is a very serious threat to democracy and the stability of the country. In the days ahead of this attack, we hope that this brutal attack will not be used to interfere with our democratic values.

We express our deep sorrow at the loss of life and injury caused. It is the duty of all those who are committed to democracy and stability for help to unveil the perpetrators and to deal with them. We call upon the authorities to take all possible steps to expose the culprits as early as possible before more damage is caused to the economy, stability of the country and the democratic way of life.

We also call upon the people of our country to act with restraint and wisely at this hour of deep crisis.

On behalf of the Conveners of Lawyers for Democracy

Lal Wijenayaka, JC Weliamuna, Sudath Nethsinghe, Sunil Jayaratne, Prabodha Ratnayaka


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