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Lawyers and relatives protest against court abduction

A group of lawyers protested outside the court complex on Tuesday demanding an end to unresolved abductions.
A silent vigil was held after a suspect was abducted on Monday from the gates of the court complex in Colombo. “Someone should take responsibility for these abductions. This is a threat to the independence of the judiciary,” leading human rights lawyer, Chrishantha Waliamuna told the BBC.

Stop white van abductions

Lawyers holding placards demanded an investigation about Monday’s abduction of a suspect by an armed gang that came in a white van.

“If this continues, there will be no guarantee of safety in courts. We may face a scenario where people get abducted during court hearings. There should be firm action to prevent these acts. We can’t allow the law of the jungle to prevail in the court complex,” said lawyer Gunaratne Wanninayake.

  We can’t allow the law of the jungle to prevail in the court complex

 – protesting lawyers

The suspect Methias Chandrapala was released on bail from remand custody by the court prior to the abduction.

‘Find my husband’

“If he is guilty of a crime, he should face court proceedings. I demand the authorities to find my husband,” S. Ramani, the wife of the victim told the BBC.

Relatives and supporters of the victim held a separate protest outside the court complex on Tuesday.
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