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Lasantha, Sivaram, Nimalarajan: End Impunity for Journalists Killers -FMM

On 23rd November 2014 Free Media Movement of Sri Lanka joined the international  campaign to end impunity for journalists killed all over the world. FMM used social media to launch its campaign. FMM tweets are here.

Killed! Mylvaganam Nimalarajan 

Jaffna based journalist Mylvaganam Nimalarajan was assassinated by gunmen in a high security zone on October 19, 2000.

He reported for various news organizations, including the BBC’s Tamil- and Sinhala-language services, Tamil language newspaper Virakesari and Sinhala language newspaper Ravaya as a freelancer.

End Impunity!
End Impunity!

Most believe that he was murdered for his exposure of state repression in the Jaffna peninsula. He was one of the journalists who first wrote about Chemmani mass graves on the outskirts of Jaffna town where about 15 disappeared minority Tamil youth were killed and buried by the armed forces in the mid-1990s.

Hi murder trial is pending at Jaffna magistrate’s court. Police failed to respond to repeated requests for information regarding the status of his murder investigation and no perpetrator brought to justice yet.






Attacked! Sirasa TV

End Impunity!
End Impunity!


In the early hours of 6 January 2009, MTV group’s main studio and transmission complex was attacked, ransacked and bombed.

A heavily armed and masked gang of around 20 persons had stormed the premises, located in Pannipitiya just outside Colombo, held the night staff at gunpoint and destroyed the main control room.

Investigations revealed that a Claymore mine was used for the attack. Critics and observers linked the attack to the controversial reporting that was adopted in relation to the capture of Kilinochchi by Government Forces.

The culprits were not identified yet.

Killed! Wickrematunga

End Impunity!
End Impunity!

Journalist and the founding Chief Editor of the English weekly ‘The Sunday Leader’ Lasantha Wickramatunga was assassinated on 08th January 2009.

He was repeatedly shot in broad daylight by eight assailants arrived on four motorcycles who blocked his path in a busy Colombo street.

The assassination occurred in a high security zone in the capital, in close proximity to a military Airport and an Air force Base.

His murder trial is still pending at the Mount Lavinia courts.








Killed! Dharmarathnam Sivaram

End Impunity!
End Impunity!


The Senior Editor of the “Tamil Net” website and a columnist to “Daily Mirror” and “Veerakesari” newspapers Dharmarathnam Sivaram a.k.a Taraki was abducted by armed men in Colombo on 28th April 2005 and his body was found next day near the Sri Lankan parliament.

He was killed allegedly by para-military operatives working with the Sri Lankan Military Intelligence.

His murder trial is pending at Colombo High Court and perpetrators are still unpunished.


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