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Land Grab and Militarisation Destroying Tamil Life – Chief Minister

Addressing the youth conference “Journey for the freedom of Youth in Northern Province”on 10 December at Weerasingham hall Jaffna,  conducted by the ‘Association of Friendship and Love’ (AFRIEL), to commemorate International Human Rights day, the Northern Provincial Council chief minister C.V. Wigneswaran said, The Tamil people in the North-East face genocide. CV Wigneswaran said, that rape, sexual assaults, land grabs, and military interference in the economy were destroying the everyday lives of Tamil people in the North-East.

Condemning the state destruction of Tamil identity, he added that religious and cultural sites for Tamils in the North-East were being destroyed and replaced by religious sites that were relevant to the military that was stationed in the area.

Commenting on allegations that he had prevented the Northern Provincial Council from passing a resolution calling for an end to the genocide of Tamils, the Northern Provincial Council chief minister, said, “I was accused of preventing NPC members from passing a motion regarding genocide, but the reason for that is not that I deny that it is happening.”

“I feel that the brutal war that our people faced in North East provinces has buried our people’s identity, environment, family units, cultural and religious norms,” he added.

Wigneswaran warned that under the guise of development the government was carrying out a plan to militarily control the North-East by integrating military in to economic, public, cultural and religious lives of the Tamil people.

“5 years after the end of the war, the government and military have not allowed the Tamil people to continue their lives normally, ” he added

– EyeSriLanka


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