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Killinochchi ‘Army administration’ further obstructs agitation by ‘We are Sri Lankans’

23 June 2011
Security forces continue to obstruct the agitation of parents whose children have been disappeared and organized by ‘We are Sri Lankans’ organization in Killinochchi today (23rd) says Member of the Executive Committee of the organization Udul Premaratne.
‘We are Sri Lankans’ Organization accuses that a group of army men who had arrived from the Army camp at Depot Junction at Killinocchi had abducted Messrs. Rajendran and Lalith Kumar Weeraraju, who had organized the agitation, and are being detained in the camp. Messrs. Rajendran and Lalith Kumar Weeraraju are leaders of two teams of candidates of the JVP for the forthcoming local government elections in the North. 

Army men who had visited residences in Killinochchi yesterday (22nd) had told residents that what exists in Killinochchi is a military administration and no one would be allowed to carry out any agitations or demonstrations. Also the Army men had ordered residents to report to the army camp today.

The agitation, with the participation of parents whose children have been disappeared, is to be held today demanding the government to reveal information regarding the disappeared. 


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