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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Kelaniya PS members want Mervyn out

Norman Palihawadena – The UPFA group of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha yesterday urged the government to oust Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva from the Kelaniya electorate.  Addressing the media at Kelaniya PS, its Chairman, Prasanna Ranaweera appealed to the government to liberate Kelaniya from the clutches of Minister Silva the way it had finished off the LTTE.

Out of 14 UPFA councilors, 12 joined yesterday’s hastily called briefing in spite of threats on some of them.

PS Chairman Ranaweera alleged that the arrival of Minister Silva in Kelaniya had paved the way for the underworld and various other undesirable elements.

The politician claimed that Silva had not even a place to stay at Kelaniya when he moved in first, though now he talked as if we were homeless.

Commenting on the tying up of a Samurdhi officer at the behest Minister Silva over an year ago, Ranaweera said that they threw their weight behind the minister. “We apologize to Samurdhi officer because we protected the minister, in spite of knowing what he did.”

Due to Kelaniya PS taking over weekly pola at Kiribathgoda run by a henchman of Minister Silva, which was an unprecedented challenge directed at the politician it had brought threats to their lives, he said.

The official alleged that the police on Wednesday made an attempt to search his residence.

An irate Ranaweera said that they could no longer turn a blind eye to what was going on at Kelaniya. He declared that there was no need on the part of the minister to interfere in the Kelaniya PS. “We’ll look after PS, the minister can manage his ministry. We want the Kelaniya electorate free of corruption. We are seeking a meeting with President Mahinda Rajapaksa to discuss the situation.”

Deputy Chairman of Kelaniya PS Chamila Duminda said that Minister Silva should immediately withdraw which request was echoed by the Chairman.

Councillor Hasitha Madawala alleged that since they had now taken on the minister, the police could make an attempt to arrest them on bogus charges. Those in power could suddenly stage raids on our homes, where they could find heroin, he said, claiming their lives were at threat. “Whatever the threats, we are ready to take any risk for the sake of the people. We’ll not hesitate to pursue our campaign in spite of threats.”

Councillor Vijaya Kumara said that they wouldn’t give up their struggle. “Had we done any wrong, we’ll not be reluctant to accept responsibility and quit Kelaniya PS.”


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