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JVP states group in Army uniform videoed it Killinochchi office

 12 July 2011   The JVP in a communiqué states it has lodged a complaint (No. EIB 18/17) at Killinochchi Police charging that the government, deploying a group of Army soldiers, obstructed its election campaign. The complaint has been lodged by the accredited representative of the JVP for Killinochchi District Lalith Kumar Weeraraju.The communiqué issued by the JVP states:

“A group attired in Army uniforms obstructed a group of JVP supporters including several of its candidates who were carrying out a house to house campaign in Dharmapuram area on the 9th. 

Also, a group that had come in an Army jeep bearing reg. no ‘21212’ today (12th) at about 8.30 a.m. took photographs and videoed the Killinochchi office of the JVP. The driver of the jeep was in Army uniform and the two persons who videoed and photographed the office were in civilian clothes.

Army soldiers have been deployed to carry out the election campaign of the UPFA in areas in the North including Jaffna and Killinochci. A group in Army uniform that had come in a vehicle bearing reg. no. WP JD 8291 had pasted posters of the UPFA campaign in the area. Meanwhile, they have destroyed in public the campaign posters of the JVP


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