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JVP Exposes ‘Divaina’ Lie Factory; 3 journalists in “Rajapksa Pay Role”

The lead news and the feature published in today’s (8th) ‘Irida Divaina’ are a part of blatant vituperation and mudslinging campaign based on fabrications and slanders states the JVP.

A press conference was convened at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta today (8th) to apprise media institutions and the general public regarding the relevant lead news and the feature published in ‘Irida Divaina’ and how the ownership of ‘Divaina’ newspaper engaged in various frauds and corruption after obtaining various positions in the government during Mahinda Rajapaksa administration was also exposed.

Speaking at the press conference JVP Leader Anura Dissanayaka said, “This press conference was convened today to point out special point regarding the lead news and the feature published in ‘Irida Divaina’ today. The JVP informs the media institutions and the general public of this country that the news and feature are aimed at insulting and vituperating and are full of fabrications and slanders.

We, in the past and at present continuously campaigned and are campaigning for media freedom and the rights of journalists. When media institutions were torched bombed and journalists were abducted and threatened we turned up for the defence and protection of journalists.

‘The news and article published by ‘Divaina’ has been done without adhering to media ethics or following accepted media practices. The ‘Divaina Irida’ newspaper has become a rag sheet publishing garbage. We know this is not the common practice of the majority of journalists in ‘Divaina’. Behind this vicious act is a small group that acts according to the needs of the defeated Rajapaksa clique. Kumara Welgama’s brother Nimal Welgama functions as the owner of ‘Divaina’ newspaper and he was the chairman of Telecom during Rajapaksa regime.

We question in Parliament how much money has been given to Upali Newspapers through various advertisements and other propaganda matters of Sri Lanka Telecom. Also, Anura Solomon, the chief editor of ‘Irida Divaina’ was a consultant to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. It is a common secret that these consultants had VIP privileges at airports, possession of vehicles, fuel, thumping salaries and power.

Also, who is this Janitha Seneviratna who has published this news? He served in an institution connected to the Port from 09.08.2011 to 31.12.2014. During this period he has worked in various media institutions. Also, he has signed as if he had reported for duty at the Port every day. I say with responsibility that he signed for all days of the month on one day. However, after Rajapaksa regime was defeated he was sacked from service on 31st March, 2015 for failure to report for work. Also, Manoj Abeydheera, the deputy editor, has been accused of various financial irregularities while serving at Telecom. We challenge Anura Solomon, Janitha Seneviratna and Manoj Abeydheera to prove wrong what we have accused them of.”
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