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JVP To Build Broadest Mediation To Defeat The Despotic Rajapaksa Regime

The broadest mediation to defeat despotic administration and to build a broad people’s movement that will continue beyond the day the presidential election is held that would rally all peoples is the programme of the JVP regarding the presidential election said the Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka.

Mr. Dissanayaka said this at a media conference held at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta today (24th) to explain the stand the JVP would take regarding the presidential election. The Information Secretary Vijitha Herath and Member of the Political Bureau K.D. Lal Kantha too were present.

The JVP Leader said, “The Presidential election is unconstitutional and illegal. According to the Constitution Rajapaksa cannot contest for a third term. Also, he cannot call a presidential election after 4 years of his tenure.

However, Rajapaksa has cheatingly and deceitfully obtained an opinion from Supreme Court. We do not accept this opinion. The way the presidential election has been called is unconstitutional and illegal.

Our country suffers from 5 main crises. People have been denied democracy and freedom. Next, the economy is mishandled and there is disparity so that masses do not get equal opportunities for education, healthcare and to lead normal lives. There is disunity and suspicion among different communities and religious groups. Fraud and corruption has increased. The country has to struggle for good governance.

Our country has been isolated internationally. Despite the world becoming closer due to communication, transport and relationships, our Motherland has been isolated exposing her to various threats. The 10 year tenure of Rajapaksa regime has taken our country towards crisis after crisis.

    We do not believe that only Rajapaksa is responsible for this situation. The manner of administration, the family, cliques around it and their various nefarious needs have escalated the crises.

A broad social transformation is necessary to take our country and the people away from these crises. Without such a broad change there cannot be economic equality, democracy, freedom and good governance without frauds and corruption.  That’s why we say our country needs a complete social change.

Even when the presidential election has been called our mediation would be for a social change. On one side is the UPFA (Of course we have doubts whether it is still an alliance!). On the other is Mr. Maithripala Sirisena who has come forward to contest the election with his group.

In the path towards a broad social change we believe that democracy and democratic institutions should be strengthened. However, Rajapaksa would never strengthen democratic institutions in our country. Even institutions that have been set up to give a hint of democracy too have been guillotined by Rajapaksa. The Parliament is completely under Rajapaksa’s control. People’s representatives from remote areas such as Hambantota, Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura cannot take part in any administration. For, administration has been completely controlled by Rajapaksa, his family and a clique around them.

Judiciary has been taken over so that all major political decisions are taken according to the wishes of Rajapaksa. The sacking of the former Chief Justice, appointment of judges is carried out by Rajapaksa according to his wishes without considering any procedure or traditions in the judiciary.

Media freedom is very necessary for democracy. However, Rajapaksa controls the media by attacking, buying them, threatening them, giving them various privileges.

Broadest mediation going beyond the  Presidential Election
Broadest mediation going beyond the Presidential Election

There is also the attempt to become the leader again by holding the presidential election unconstitutionally and illegally. They try to intimidate the other party that has come forward to contest the election as a death trap. It shows that contesting an election against Rajapaksa is considered by them as a crime. All this indicates that Rajapaska regime is demolishing democratic institutions and traditions and moving towards a dictatorship.

As such, our broadest mediation in this presidential election is to defeat the despotic administration. This despotic administration should not be allowed to continue in our country. Where does Rajapaksa move towards after democracy has been completely abolished, the Parliament has been made a place where MPs have become mere signal posts, the judicial sector has been made institutions that fulfill Rajapaksa’s wishes, media has been brought down to the level of publishing only hosannas to Rajapaksas, the Constitution has been violated, contesting elections against them is a death trap? Rajapaksa is demolishing all institutions, traditions, structures of democracy and is moving towards a total dictatorship. As such, our definite mediation in the presidential election is to topple this despotic administration.

The other party contesting the election – Mr. Maithripala Sirisena has stated the 17th amendment would be restored; the executive presidency would be abolished.

Throughout history we have heard such statements. This is not the first time such things are said during elections. Hence, what is needed is not statements that end on 8th January but a mediation for democracy that goes beyond the election.

We have taken measures to build a people’s movement to fulfill this task. We have already held district level meetings regarding this. We have prepared leaflet distribution campaigns to make the masses aware and house to house campaigns. As a political party we would use our full strength and rally other organizations, professionals, intellectuals to form a broad movement for democracy within this election campaign. For, casting a vote on the 8th January would not solve the issues. The JVP hopes to mediate in getting the promises for democracy a reality and would direct all its strength towards it.

We have already commenced a huge campaign for democracy against the unconstitutional and illegal presidential election and we believe it could be strengthened within the election campaign. Also, none of these constitutional amendments, bills or acts can be implemented only on the arbitrary wish of the President. Implementation of such amendments could be carried out in a parliamentary process than by a president. Hence, who ever becomes the president there is a possibility of a quick parliamentary election. In such an election the Parliament should be filled with forces that work for democracy.  Our campaign for the presidential election is a continuous process that targets the parliamentary election. Instead of treating this as a mere presidential election that ends after casting the vote on 8th January, we would build a strong people’s front. Next, the JVP has already made plans to go for a step that would bring in a broad socio-economic transformation. This would be launched within the next few days. We would take maximum measures to chase away the regime that is moving towards a dictatorship and broaden avenues for democracy.”

– Courtesy Lanka Truth


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