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Judiciary humiliated by certain judges – ex-judge

Former high court judge W.T.M.P.B. Warawewa accuses certain judges of having failed to maintain the dignity of their profession and having no self-strength.  He was speaking in Colombo at a felicitation organized in his honour by the young lawyers association.

The former judge alleged certain judges did not know their independence, unaware of justice and would fall to any lowly depth for personal gains.

Honesty and courage are essential for a judge, and that is why the people respected the judiciary, he said.

But, very soon, it would not be surprising if the Army’s major generals are appointed to the supreme court, as the judiciary has recognized a court martial as a court of law.

The executive, legislature and the judiciary should function without confrontations among them, a matter of serious concern for legal experts to focus on, Mr. Warawewa added.


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