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Journalist Shantha Wijesuriya Summoned to CID

Journalist Shantha Wijesuriya was summoned to the CID on January 14 for questioning with regard to an attempt to abduct him on 05 July 2012. There, he was also questioned about the articles he had written to ‘Sathhanda’ newspaper regarding the killing of Prageeth Ekneligoda and the arrest of Kumar Gunaratnam.

So far, no action had been taken in connection with the complaint he had made to the IGP about the abduction attempt. Later, he left the country for fear for his life, and his family members had been harassed by a group claiming to be from the military.

On January 07, a CID officer had gone to his home and gave a notification that Wijesuriya should come to the CID to give a statement regarding the abduction.

When CID officials asked as to whom he suspected were linked the abduction, Wijesuriya has told them that the former defence secretary, the CID and the military and the owner of a media institution were responsible.

Commenting on how he was questioned, he said that although he had been summoned for questioning in connection with the abduction attempt, he was continually interrogated about his articles regarding Ekneligoda and Gunaratnam. Wijesuriya also said no fair investigation has taken place so far about journalists and civil society activists, including himself, who had been hunted down. He said he would extend support if the incumbent administration conducts a fair investigation.


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