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Join the “Black Friday” protest today 11th January 2013

The Citizens’ and Trade Union Collective for Judicial Independence says it strongly protests the government’s action in organising mobs against the peaceful protest march called by the Lawyers’ Collective in demanding that the illegal impeachment motion be withdrawn from parliamentary debate.

The government thus proved it would not only violate the Constitution of this country, but would also use any sort of thuggery to violate the Constitution for its advantage, its convener Anton Marcus says in a statement.

A possible chaotic situation due to this intervention by the government we believe was averted, as the Lawyers’ Collective could not be so provoked and also because the police discharged their duties with restraint and with responsibility rarely seen before.

It is therefore very clear the government would proceed as decided by them, even using thuggery and force.

In such context, we as Citizens’ and Trade Union Collective join the Lawyers’ Collective in declaring tomorrow 11th January, as a “Black Friday” to mark the bleakest day in our recent history.

We thus call upon all citizens to make tomorrow a black day by wearing black, carrying only black parasols/umbrellas, raising black flags where possible, carrying black flags in vehicles and 3 wheelers, etc, it adds.


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