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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

‘Jana Aragalaya members’ abduction, a serious infringement..’ – JVP

The political bureau of the JVP says democracy in the country is being infringed upon daily and all masses should rally to defeat the undemocratic and repressive conditions carried out by the weak rulers.

The party says in an announcement,

“The ‘Jana Aragalaya’ movement in a media briefing had stated that two of its members have been abducted by security sections. This is a very serious matter; a serious infringe on basic democratic rights. Democracy in our country is being infringed upon daily. Assaulting and murdering journalists, torching media institutions, abductions, terrorizing, attacking peaceful demonstrations, shooting down unarmed citizens participating in peaceful agitations are continuing in the country unabated. We consider this as a serious situation that should be defeated immediately.

It is evident that weak rulers who have no solutions for the issues of masses are tempted to destroy democratic rights of the masses. Hence, we call upon Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and all other masses in this country to come forward to defeat the undemocratic and repressive conditions and protect democratic rights of the masses.”


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