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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Jaffna lawyers boycott court sittings

Lawyers in Jaffna had taken a decision to boycott the sittings of the Courts of Law in the District until such time action was taken to arrest the seven policemen who had allegedly harassed a person who they say was illegally arrested by the police.
They made this decision at a meeting held at the Jaffna Library on Thursday. Lawyers in a statement said yesterday that they consider the conduct of the police officers to be an affront to the authority, dignity and the sanctity of the Courts of Law established  under the Constitution of the Republic of Sri Lanka and also one that, infringes on the professional independence of the members of the legal profession and constitutes a brazen and blatant violation of all norms of behaviour that are expected of the guardians of the law.

They alleged that the victim after being illegally arrested at the lounge of the Jaffna Courts Complex, was dragged away and subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment as he was stripped semi-naked and then trampled mercilessly. The lawyers charged that he was also kicked in the presence of the Officer of the Courts, Attorneys-at-Law and members of the public, especially at a time when the Learned Magistrate of Jaffna was sitting in open court.

It was further resolved that Her Ladyship The Honourable Chief Justice and other Honourable Judges of the Supreme Court and the Bar Association of Sri Lanka should intervene in this matter and ensure that the dignity of the Courts of Law of our country and the professional independence of the legal profession was protected and preserved, the statement said.


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