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Friday, February 23, 2024

IUSF to take legal action against illegal arrests by police

A fundamental rights case would be filed against the arrest of the former convener of the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) Udul Premaratne and another, remanding them for two weeks on false charges and harassing them for 1 ½ years claiming legal actions were being taken against them states IUSF.   This was revealed yesterday (22nd) by IUSF in a media announcement.

 Mr. Udul Premaratne and the former President of the Faculty of Visual Arts at University of Visual and Performing Arts Gihan Seneviratne were arrested by Cinnamon Gardens Police in 2009 while pasting posters protesting against errors in question papers. The two were remanded for two weeks claiming they had pasted ant-government posters and during the last 1 ½ years they had to present themselves in court about 10 times. Today the two were released on a directive by the Attorney General stating there was no material to take legal action against them.

The police take steps to illegally arrest those who criticize the government and imprison them on false charges states the announcement. While condemning such mean acts of the police the IUSF would take action to file a fundamental rights case against the arrest of Messrs. Udul Premaratne and Gihan Seneviratne emphasizes the announcement by the IUSF.


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