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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

It is time for the Long March for Free Education.

It is time for the Long March for Free Education.

The long march currently being organized follows a series of  ground-breaking mega events organized by FUTA to socialize the concept  of the need to increase allocations for education (6%!) and  de-politicizing of the education secotor.

The Long March will bring into fine focus the unprecednted lengths the  academic community  in Sri Lanka goes to for enhancing free education.  This march is not only to appreciate and remember the sweat and tears  of our forefathers who yearned for and established free education with  many sacrifices, but also for the future generations, especially for  the underpriviledged who would never get a chance to shed the  socio-economic shackles into which they are born (if not for free  education). This march is for the preservation of the rights for  education for all people in Sri Lanka. 

Are you ready?! The scehdule/information-sheet for the long march  (PDF) is attached herewith, please discuss at sister union level and  do your utmost to make this event a success.

If the leaders do not learn, lets teach the masses, the learned masses  will then decide the future of Sri Lanka; lets teach as we have never  taught before, lets get the public involved in the dissemination of  knowledge (they will join our march).

As we always did, again lets join hands, together lets achieve the  unimaginable, as we did before….

 Joint Conveners,


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