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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Indian-organised international delegation visits Jaffna

Around 60 diplomats belonging to African, Latin American, West Asian and European countries, based in New Delhi were brought to Jaffna on Sunday to showcase them on ‘development’ and ‘reconciliation’ taking place in the country of Eezham Tamils occupied by genocidal Sri Lanka. The exercise was organised and fully backed by the Establishment in New Delhi with an aim of bailing out Rajapaksa regime from international investigation on war crimes, news sources in Jaffna said.
While the demand of Tamil Nadu State Assembly was for international justice to Eezham Tamils and while the Communist Party of India (CPI) is mooting fresh resolutions in this regard, the New Delhi Establishment is keen in blunting any international efforts, political observers said.

Indian-orchestrated delegates visiting a ‘development’ site – a swimming pool constructed in a leading school in Jaffna by diverting funds allocated to schools in war-torn Vanni.

As the meeting of the diplomats, presided over by occupying Sri Lanka’s colonial and military governor Maj. Gen. (retd.) Chandrasiri, neither the Tamil civil servants nor the media could able to interact with the diplomats openly and confidentially.

Yet, some intelligent diplomats among the delegates grasped the picture.

The diplomat from Uganda was wondering on the discrepancy between what the kith and kin of Eezham Tamils in the diaspora tell and what had been presented to him. He asked whether the diaspora is disturbing the resettlement in the island.

Chandrasiri said that there is no problem from the diaspora. Nobody could prevent it since the SL government has undertaken the resettlement, he said.

However, speaking to journalists later, the Ugandan diplomat said that as his country too had seen a genocide 17 years back, he understands the genocides that have taken place in the other parts of the world and that he understands the plight of Tamils in the island. He also elucidated on the challenges his country was facing in this regard.

Another diplomat wondered about seeing semblance of normalcy without political solution.

Some other representatives raised questions on the delays in mine-clearance and on the ‘development’ programmes.

They also questioned why the government of Sri Lanka was yet to conduct the elections for Northern Provincial council, a pet theme of New Delhi establishment in luring Tamil politics in the island to accept subordination and structural genocide.

The meeting of the diplomats with the SL colonial governor Chandrasiri, on showcasing ‘development’ in the North, took place in the auditorium of the Jaffna Public Library. Civil servants, military officers and journalists were invited to observe the meeting.

As former commander of the Sri Lanka Army in Jaffna, Chandrasiri is alleged of war crimes. More than 2,000 people disappeared in the peninsula during his command.

SL minister Douglas Devananda was the Tamil politician seen by 60 international diplomats from New Delhi

SL minister Mr. Douglas Devananda has also met the delegates in the pretext of taking them around to see a ‘swimming pool’ SL president Mahinda Rajapaksa will be inaugurating at Jaffna Central College on Monday.

The delegates who came were the ones serving in the diplomatic missions of their countries in New Delhi, such as Alegeria, Benin, Brunai and Cyprus.

Sometimes back, New Delhi’s Congress politician Mr. Natchiappan also brought a delegation like this to Jaffna, commented media circles in Jaffna that smelled similarities.

* * *

Last year, retiring Indian foreign secretary and current India’s Ambassador in the USA, Ms. Nirupama Menon Rao, said on the eve of her retirement that India had to be directly involved in resolving the situation in the island, keeping it within the region and avoiding any third party’s involvement.

However, so far, the Indian Establishment, especially the post-Indira Gandhi Congress Establishment has never earned any credibility either with Eezham Tamils or with the Tamils of Tamil Nadu in resolving the national crisis in the island.

In hiding its own crimes against humanity inside and outside (one sixth of humanity is well within India), the New Delhi Establishment misleads many of the small countries in the world and conspires behind the back of the Tamils of Tamil Nadu and Eezham Tamils, progressive sections of Tamil Nadu politicians said.

The case of Eezham Tamils is the worst ever treacherous mission undertaken by the New Delhi Establishment, they pointed out.

The Tamil Nadu committee of the Communist Party of India on Friday urged the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalithaa to pass a resolution in the Assembly demanding New Delhi to vote against Rajapaksa regime in the March session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to bring justice to Eezham Tamils and to regain Kachchatheevu from Sri Lanka to save the Tamil Nadu fisherhmen from Sri Lanka’s Military.

New Delhi sabotages both, the militant as well as democratic struggle of Eezham Tamils against their geonocide, is the feeling in that Nation, both in the island and in the diaspora.

When a leader of them such as Fr. Immanuel, engaged in democratic means of struggle, is not permitted to visit India, how could a former Indian president Abdul Kalam and delegations brought by India could visit Jaffna in forging opinion, political circles in Jaffna asked.

To what extent India recognises the freedom of democracy of Eezham Tamils in exchanging opinion with their brethren in Tamil Nadu as well as with the rest of India, before India expects Eezham Tamils to respect it as a leader of global affairs, they further asked.



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