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India should perform its legitimate duty of protecting the rights of the Tamil ethnic people – Dr. K.Veeramani

18 May 2011
Rallies were held around the globe by Tamil organizations on Wednesday – May 18th, which the organizers have marked is a “Time to mourn; A time to reflect; A time for resurgence and creating awareness towards seeking “Justice for Genocide Victims of Tamil Eelam.”

Among the attendees at a rally near United Nations in New York were members of Tamil Nadu based Dravidar Kazhagam. They distributed a statement from the President of Dravidar Kazhagam, Mr. K. Veeramani urging India to “perform its legitimate duty of protecting the rights of the Tamil ethnic people”; excerpts from the statement as follows:

The organisations in various countries of this world have raised their voices condemning the racial genocide took place in Sri Lanka.

Is it not the responsibility and duty of the U.N. to undertake such a detailed enquiry?

Of course there is a requirement that the Security Council of the U.N. must approve of such an action and to seek such approval, much pressure is to be exercised through the uprising of people. The rally proposed to be held in New York gains importance in this regard.

Dravidar Kazhagam, along with the Dravidar Iyakka Tamilar Peravai held demonstrations and conducted public meetings in various big towns of Tamil Nadu and created awareness among the public about this issue.

With enough international organisations and suitable international laws, could they have not themselves taken initiative in condemning and punishing those responsible for this genocide? Only then, it could be construed that the international laws are properly executed, human rights are properly protected and civilized policies are strictly followed.

On the other hand, if some of the countries of the world join together, form an alliance and try to thwart the initiative to order further enquiry into the war crimes and prosecute those responsible for the genocide in Sri Lanka, it will defeat the very purpose of the existence of the U.N.

If Rajabakshe is not punished, it would mean that free licence is granted for any atrocities to be committed in any part of the world.

Particularly, it is the moral responsibility and duty of the Government of India to take initiative in bringing a trial against Rajabakshe in the international court of justice. The Government of India has been acting sofar only against the interests of Tamils and in support of Sri Lanka.

At least now, when the international organisations from countries outside India are undertaking such rallies and demonstrations, India should come forward to perform its legitimate duty of protecting the rights of the Tamil ethnic people. It would be an appropriate opportunity for India to free herself from the wrongs committed sofar.

The Government of India should not take an adamant stand in this issue, which will create a blot on it in the history which could not be erased so easily and the price it has to pay and the loss it has to incur will be immense.

The agitation to be conducted before the office of the U.N. in New York is a very significant one. On behalf of Dravidar Kazhagam, we welcome and appreciate the unity of the Tamils of the world for a common cause.



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