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In a country where the public relations Minister is demanding ‘extortion money’- is there a Govt. or anarchy?

(Lanka-e-News ) The Minister of public relations Mervyn Silva of the Rajapakse regime clearly demonstrated that in Sri Lanka now , there does not exist a Govt. but it is anarchy that is prevailing when he confirmed that he is a Minister who is an extortionist committing this crime openly and with impunity, because the victims have no one to go to and get their woes redressed under this regime…

In early times , extortionists were ‘ chandiyas’ ( underworld leaders). When a chandiya committed extortion , there was a possibility to at least complain . But now to whom can the victim complain when the Minister of the Govt. is himself indulging in this crime .? It is unavailing complaining to the Kelaniya temple prelate , because he too is tying pirith (blessed ) twine on Mervyn the extortionist.

Mervyn the vermin , as he is appropriately termed has become a tremendous pestilence to the Kiribathgoda traders , for he is collecting extortion money from them as though those business places belong to his parents. His rates of extortion monthly are : Rs. 15000/- from each shop and Rs. 20,000/- from each liquor Bar. Mervyn the Vermin has appointed Oman a bar owner for the collections. The extortion monies collected are credited to the personal account of ‘Singapore Sarath’ alias Sarath Edirisinghe. If these extortion monies are not paid , the traders are forced to close their business places. Hereunder is one such instance of the many extortion closures …..….

Vasana Bakery situated on the right side at the turn to Eriyawetiyawa Road , Kiribathgoda is a lucrative business concern . Oman and ‘Singapore Sarath ‘ two henchmen of Minister Mervyn the notorious vermin have arrived at the crowded Bakery frightening the Bakery workers , and have stated that their ‘boss’ Mervyn the vermin will be going to the Traders Association , and demanded extortion money. These two Mervyn the vermin’s henchmen had yelled out ‘ where is the owner ?’. When the owner had appeared they have shouted at him ‘ a sum of Rs. 20,000/- shall be paid monthly to the Traders Association’ , and if he doesn’t , he must close the business. When the owner had said , he cannot pay that amount of extortion money , these marauding henchmen had forced the owner and the workers to get out from the premises , assaulted the owner and closed the Bakery by padlocking it.

The owner is in dire despair , not knowing where to go to explain his grievance and get redress , for his complaint to the police is unavailing.

Finally , as the Bakery owner was subject to endless threats , he had agreed to pay Rs.15,000/- as extortion money and re opened his business . This was because he is in a country where a victim of a crime has nowhere to go to and secure redress. The police cannot help , and the Govt. too cannot help as the Govt.’s own Minister is committing the crime of extortion. Mind you , this is just one of the instances of the countless extortions that are being committed in Kelaniya. All these extortion collections are credited to the account of ‘Singapore Sarath’. Mervyn the vermin who is collecting millions of rupees via this modus operandi gives a share to Singapore Sarath who had been in jail on a murder charge.

When a prominent person from Kelaniya had asked from the President as to why he is turning a blind eye to Mervyn’s crimes committed outrageously , the SL President who came to power on a people’s mandate to serve them lawfully and ensure all people obey the law including himself and his hooligan Ministers has given a most outrageous answer, ‘ I have allowed him to make some money’. Isn’t Sri Lanka a ‘blessed’ country with such a unique President at the helm and a unique Minister as Mervyn ?

So , let us live also live as unique residents in Kelaniya who tolerate such a unique regime.


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