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Important Sections Of The 18th Amendment Were Surreptitiously Introduced – SLMC

[We are united – Rauf}

Leader of the main Muslim party of Sri Lanka, former minster Rauf Hakeem says that important sections of the 18th amendment to the constitution we surreptitiously introduced by the government and they have expressed regret for supporting the amendment on several occasions.

Mr. Rauf Hakeem was speaking at a press conference to announce their decision to support common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena at the up coming presidential election.

Mr. Rauf Hakeem further said that thay held several rounds of talks with the Rajapaksa government but could not come to an agreement. President’s brother and his main campaign manager Basil Rajapkasa had visited Mr. Rauf Hakeem even yesterday for negotiations.

The SLMC decision to support the common opposition is unanimous and SLMC will commit itself to work towards the victory of its candidate, Mr. Rauf Hakeem told media.

SLMC ministers in the eastern provincial council will resign but they will support the budget according to Mr. Hakeem. There will be no immediate change of the eastern provincial council.

‘We have to listen to our people and it is not only Muslins but larger population wants a change of the government’ SLMC leader said. Adding that ‘the main issue is good governance’

Mr. Hakeem said that they have already started discussions with the UNP on seat allocation in the next general election.


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