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IGP dodging: True picture on Rajapakses orchestrated treasure robbery at Mahavilachchi

DIG R. W. M. C. Ranawana.

After the STF soldiers were caught red handed when digging for treasure on the 1st of May night illicitly , the IGP N K Ilangakoon a week later narrated a very intriguing fairy tale in that connection while accepting that the STF soldiers were sent by him. His announcement had a number of slips leading to the LeN and other media posing countless questions to him demanding answers.
Even after two days , this IGP could not furnish answers .

In any case LeN is armed with the full factual story which we wish to reveal as the IGP is unable to utter truths because he is characterized by the overriding trait of speaking only falsehoods, like dogs are accustomed only to barking .

The IGP has no powers whatsoever to give orders to the STF or the Police special task force. He undertook this task because of pressures exerted on him by the defense secretary Gota, The instructions to dig for treasure at Mahavilachchii on the 1st was given by the youngest brother of the Rajapakse treasure robbers clan , Gotabaya.
 What is most distressing is , this order from Gotabaya was not known to the Commandant ,the Commanding officer of the STF or the DIG R. W. M. C. Ranawana.

Instructions received by Gonahena STF camp ASP D K Hettiarachi from Gota was to take the treasure under the river bank at Sivalapitiya , Mahavilachchi. It was the treasure robber by the name of Gotabaya Rajapakse who provided a Kattadiya also to show the way.

It is most unfortunate that Hettiarachchi who had been trained in providing security to the VVIPs agreed to descend to this disgraceful level of going to illicitly hunt for treasure belonging to the nation.

Reverting to the fanciful fairy tale of the IGP, as he says if anybody has come to the police headquarters and related this disgraceful anti national robbing operation , there should be an entry in the police headquarter register. At least at the reception counter of the police headquarters there should be a record in the visitor’s book of the temporary identity card No. issued with the V alphabet. Those records are not there We challenge the IGP to produce those records if they are there in the police headquarters . The IGP by his unscrupulous conduct has poured the biggest insult and disgrace on the STF with whom he worked for 11 years before becoming the IGP. Ilangakoon must hang his head in shame over this egregiously shameless conduct.

Hunting for treasure is absolutely illegal. Even after the treasure robbers were caught red handed and handed over , the police took no action to enforce the law. By now the people must be aware why the police behaved that way .

The sacrosanct laws are a plaything in the hands of the Rajapakses worthy of destruction in their view. It is time the people take the law back under their control – that day is not far off . That will be the day , the IGP who is profusely lying and safeguarding the rogues today will have to answer for all his sins. That will also be the day when all those who are robbing national assets and plundering people’s funds by tricks and treachery irrespective of their positions however lofty will also get the deserved punishment .

If  readers wish to gather more details on these sordid activities , please phone STF Commandant , DIG Ranawana on 011 2588460
Gonahena STF camp No. 011 2925406



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