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HRD Chirantha Amerasingha writes to HRCSL: Are Sri Lankan authorities influence FACEBOOK to censor/restrict critical posts?

Complain made by Chirantha Ranmal Anthony Amerasingha to The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka on restrictions imposed by Facebook company to his video posts:

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka,
Dear Sir/Madam,
Possible interference on Facebook

I wish to bring to the attention of your commission that the certain Facebook
Live videos broadcasted on my Facebook Page (URL

www.facebook.com/chiranthalk) containing content criticizing corrupted
politicians and political system in Sr Lanka have come under unexplained
Facebook restrictions.

Video dated 18th May 2023 at URL

https://www.facebook.com/chiranthalk/videos/3177529509203593/ and video
dated 26th of April 2023 at URL

https://www.facebook.com/chiranthalk/videos/252836867217291/ are unable
to be shared on Facebook, with no apparent or valid reason being given from
Facebook. According to Facebook, they do restrict content based on local

However, given the malicious nature of the above restrictions, I suspect that

1. Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka and or,
2. Secretary to Ministry of Public Security and or,
3. The Defense Secretary and or,
4. Head of the State Intelligence Service and or,
5. Inspector General of Police and or,
6. Director General of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of
Sri Lanka and or,
7. CEO, Sri Lanka CERT

Or any other person executing their authority have misused such authority to
illegally and or maliciously cause restrictions on the above stated content and has thereby violated my Fundamental Rights Guaranteed by the Article
10, 12(1), 12(2), 13(5), 14(1)(a), 14(1)(c), 14(1)(e), 14(1)(g) of the
constitution and or any other articles found violated in course of the
investigations by your commission.

I request a prompt investigation into the matter and request suitable action
regarding the same to ensure my fundamental rights.

Yours faithfully,

Chirantha Ranmal Anthony Amerasingha


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