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HRC Warns Public Officers On Misuse Of Position And Power

Human Rights Commission Of Sri Lanka Issued A Directive To All Public Officers Of Sri Lanka On The Presidential Election 2015.
December 26, 2014

A directive has been issued to all public officers of Sri Lanka on the Presidential election 2015 by the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka. The main intention of this directive is to ensure that the upcoming presidential election of Sri Lanka 2015 will be free and fair and a reflection of the view of people of the country without any pressure being brought upon them.

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has informed the Secretary to the President, All Secretaries of Ministries, All Chief Secretaries of Provincial Councils, Commanders of the Armed Forces/Inspector General of Police, Director of Department of Civil Security to take steps to inform the staff under their control and in the institutions under their control and to act bearing in mind the following facts.

To see that the law is implemented impartially and fairly.

Non implementation of the law amounts to a violation of fundamental rights.

Non implementation of official duties, failure to perform duties, misconducts, misuse of power, permitting the use of public property and resources for certain political parties and groups to the detriment of other groups amount to violation of fundamental rights that officers responsible for them become personally responsible.

The conduct of public officers who do not have the right to engage in political activities engaging in such activity, public officers having the right to engage in political activities engaging in them during their office hours or engaging in political activities misusing their official powers amount to offences under the election laws and administrative laws in force.


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