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How public services media in Sri Lanka controlled by ruling politicians: Head, SLRC, appointed and dismissed by the minister

Samaranayaka was appointed
by the same minster

Minister forced me to resign  – SLRC Head  
Former Chairman of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) and the Presidential Spokesman, Mohan Samaranayake, refuting claims by Minister of Mass Media and Information, Kehiliya Rambukwella, said he was forced to resign from his post as the head of SLRC by the minister. 
 Speaking to Ceylon Today he said, he cannot disclose why the minister forced him to resign.

 However, Minister Rambukwella told Friday’s Cabinet meeting that he did not force Samaranayake to resign.
 He said, “I simply had a friendly chat with Mohan Samaranayake and we agreed that, he being the Presidential Media Spokesman, it will not give him enough time to handle the responsibilities of the Chairman of the Rupavahini. Being the media spokesman for the President is a full time job, he needs to travel with the President wherever he goes and coordinate events there; it would be too much for him to handle Rupavahini too.”

Minister Rambukwella said he has shortlisted the names of four suitable candidates for the post of Chairman of Rupavahini and will decide on a candidate once the matter has been discussed with the President.
 Replying to the minister, Samaranayake said, “Throughout the last two weeks, Minister Rambukwella asked me to resign from the SLRC. Then, I asked the reason for it. He said  the reason was the issues between the SLRC Chairman and the Director General. I do not believe that it is the reason behind forcing me to resign. I will disclose the real reason to the media later,” he added.
 Samaranayake added that he did not request the chairmanship of SLRC, but once the post was offered to him he performed his duties well.
“I had acted with responsibility as SLRC Chairman. SLRC employees will vouch for that,” he added.
Niranjala Ariyawansa


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