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Historic Fort Jumma Mosque on Chatham Street in Colombo High Security Zone Receives Parcel of Pork Pieces and Warning Letter.

Jumma Mosque
In a fresh instance of vicious religious hatred unknown anti-Muslim elements have sent a warning letter and pieces of pork to a famous long standing Mosque in the heart of Colombo city. The historic Fort Jumma Mosque on Chatham Street was the latest target in the anti-Muslim wave currently engulfing the country.
It is learnt that some unknown person or persons left a parcel and letter addressed to the Mosque authorities on the premises early this week.

When the parcel was opened pieces of pork or flesh of pigs were found.Islamic religious tenets forbid the eating of pig flesh and regard it as “Haram”.Any contact with a pig or its flesh, blood, bones, skin etc are treated as an act of defilement.
The Muslim aversion to Pigs has been exploited by the anti -Muslim elements who have engaged in acts such as throwing pig flesh into Mosques.
The letter was found to be a threat. The Mosque authorities were warned that the Mosque could not be allowed to exist in a high security area of Colombo.The letter also warned that the current renovation of the Mosque be stopped at once or else there would be further consequences.
The Jumma Mosque is in proximity to “Janadhipathi Manthiraya” or President’s House and the Central Bank. The area is declared a high security area.
The Fort Mosque on Chatham street was built in the 19th Century during the British Colonial period adjoining the reputed Jewellery store Noor Hameems.Later the Mosque was expanded after adjoining businesses including Noor Hameems were purchased. A magnificient three -storeyed structure was built.The Fort Jumma Mosque is well attended on week -days with several prominent Muslim Businessmen and professionals participating in the noon, afternoon and evening prayers.Currently some renovation work is going on.
The Jumma Mosque authorities are perturbed by the letter and parcel but have not lodged a complaint with the Police yet. It is learnt that the Mosque authorities are handling the matter delicately by appealing directly to President Rajapaksa and his brother the defence secretary.



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