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Hirunika writes to the President

Hirunika Premachandra, the daughter of Late Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra says that the power of the people’s mandate should be used in a just manner for the benefit of the public.
She had expressed these sentiments in a letter addressed to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Hirunika Premachandra has commenced her letter to the President quoting a note from her diary on October 8, 2011.

She has marked that particular day as “The Day I Lost My Soul”.

Hirunika Premachandra in her letter to the President stated that during the past seven months, as a daughter who lost her father, she has faced sorrow, pain, threats and insults.

The letter also says that she continues to go through such bitter experiences and that it was the most painful experience in her entire life.

In her letter, Hirunika Premachandra stated that what the President and other responsible authorities in the country are utilising is the public mandate.

The letter sent by Hirunika Premachandra goes on to express the following.

’’When I saw my father lying in a pool of blood I couldn’t control myself. I wanted to break out and cry. I wanted to shout in pain, but I couldn’’t.

Not only the people of Kolonnawa but people in the entire country are well aware of my father’s political journey since the 80s. My father was the first leader who was brave enough to gather people and hoist blue flags in Kolonnawa in 1979 when the UNP was in power and SLFP supporters were hesitant to leave their residence.

Throughout the past seven months, each and every day, I have been begging to bring the chief suspect to justice.

Now this case has transformed in to one between the Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra faction and the faction comprising Duminda Silva and other responsible figures of the country..’’

Hirunika Premachandra had concluded her letter to the President as follows.

’’This letter was not forwarded due to any influence. And I have noted down everything that is on my mind. Mr. President, now it is your turn. You should decide if you would read this and discard it? Or will you be enraged by it? Or if you would do justice by thinking about this matter over and over
 again? Because if justice is done to Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra, it would be a sign
 that justice can be done, on incidents of murder that take place in the country..


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