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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Here’s sensational Gold news not advertised ! – about ‘golden son

’17 ton Treasury illicit gold sale and his Rs. 250 million commission
17 tons of gold in the custody of the Public Treasury had been illicitly sold by the Govt. to one Mohomed , a Saudi Arab Sheikh .This gold had been sold at the rate of Rs. 4, 675,000/- per kilogram and the ‘ broker’ for the transaction has been Namal Rajapakse. He has received a ‘cool’ commission of US dollars 150 ( Rs. 15,000/- approx.) per Kilo on this ‘ gloriously hot’ illicit deal . His total commission as a Broker is Rs. 255,000,000/- (Rs. 250 million approx.) !!

The payments on this gold deal has been made through the HSBC Bank , Dubai. The Saudi Buyer Mohomed has transferred the monies to HSBC bank , Dubai through a Swiss Bank.
The Govt. has still not made it publicly known as to what happened to the colossal sum of money collected on this gold sale of 17 tons. Neither has it revealed , at least how this transaction took place.



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