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Here is the evidence confirming Gota’s implication in Bharatha Lakshman murder: Gota shall resign forthwith

Why is Duminda who shot Baratha not placed under arrest ?
Lanka e news is in receipt of clear, cogent and copious evidence testifying to defense secretary Gotabaya’s involvement in the murder of Bharatha Lakshman who was shot and killed by Duminda Silva recently.

Hereunder are the details …

Just two days prior to the assassination of Late Bharatha Lakshman , on the 5th of October when he addressed the last rally , he said, “ My heart is deeply grieving. If there is no CID , at least someone here , please tape this and ,go and show it. Gotabaya is a respectable person in this country. But this ‘yakka’ and the organizers took him throughout today and went for the kudu (heroin) dealers’ rallies. This is what is hurting me.. They roamed Ambatale where extortion money was demanded from Mudalalis over the phone. They intimidated and threatened people to part with their monies. They went to Kolonnawa ‘ Singapore’ area and Meetotamulla . We cannot allow this type of activities to rage in the areas which we have nursed and developed. This is not a question confined to electorate. We must begin our campaign after the 9th to rescue the people from these scoundrels. If we do not engage in this campaign , I cannot predict in which disastrous direction the country will be headed. I do not wish to elaborate further on this. I hope what I say will also reach the ears of the country’s leaders.”

It is impossible for anyone to claim that the speech of Bharatha full of warnings and portents in the interests of the people and the country did not reach the ears of the Rajapakses. On the 8th he was murdered before he could start his campaign on the 9th.. This cold blooded murder was committed by Duminda Silva , according to an eye witness who gave evidence.

Here are the reasons which allegedly prompted Gotabaya Rajapakse to permit Duminda to commit this ghastly ruthless murder :

8th was the election day. The first complaint to the special complaints center of the Elections Commissioner office was received at about 10.30 a .m. that Duminda Silva with about 100 others are obstructing the voters in the district of Sedawatte , Weheragoda Siddhartha Vidyalaya from casting their votes. Unlike previously , the police had new methods to immediately take counter action after determining the complaint received. Accordingly , these complaints under COL 9 received at 10.30 a.m. were reported to the DIGs of the Central , Southern and northern ranges by the Elections Commissioner. But these actions had no effect . Copies of the COL 9 complaint is published herein.

The second complaint received by the office too were against Duminda Silva. In that complaint it was clearly requested to provide special extra police security. The Elections commissioner had forwarded this special request to the DIGs concerned at about 12.40 p. m. The second complaint under COL 14 is also published herein.

Bharatha Lakshman was murdered by Duminda Silva at about 3.30 p.m. Hence , if the police really wished to take preventive action they had three long hours . Yet the police took no action at all. Similar polling incidents were reported in Kurunegala and Matale too . But there , the police chiefs took immediate action following the Elections Commissioner’s office complaints. Hence , is it wrong if one assumes that the police chiefs in Colombo took no action on the complaints following the defense Secretary Gota’s instructions not to obstruct Duminda ?. For ,after all Gota is the all powerful defense Secretary fully responsible for the citizen’s security. If all the three Police chiefs neglected their onerous duties not because of Gota’s instructions , then what caused them to act this way ignoring the dire situation whereby a senior politician was made to lose his life eventually ?

The most significant and perturbing fact in this episode is the police not detailing any security to this place where the voters were obstructed ,and the police accepting this failure. The police had confirmed this by the letter dated 12th sent to the daily ‘Lakbima’ newspaper of the 10th denying the story published therein that , when Bharatha was shot at and fell , the police officers stood idle and watched without helping to take the victim to the Hospital. The police in its letter had contradicted the Lakbima story on the ground that no police officer was on duty at the scene of the incident or even in its proximity. In other words , the police had been fully aware well ahead from morning 10.30 a.m. of Duminda Silva’s murderous and intimidatory actions , and therefore avoided deployment of security in those areas. This truth has been testified to by the police itself in so many words. The Lakbima article is appended .

Gota’s implication in this gruesome murder is borne testimony to by the contents of the article in the Lakbima newspaper of the 10th. Gota who summoned Solangaarachchi after the killing of Bharatha , had made it very clear to him that it was Duminda who assisted him immensely when demolishing the houses and shops in Colombo. When I ask Duminda to fetch a crowd of 500 , he brings along 5000 to accomplish my (destructive) tasks. So , is anything wrong in my visiting him, (the murderer) in Hospital ?, Gota has asked Solangaarachi .

Then Gota , a most responsible Govt. servant has when demolishing houses and shops , used goons and murderers and the political powers , instead of following the legal processes. He has himself admitted this. It is Gota’s duty to reveal all other illegal activities for which he used Duminda. Moreover , Gota’s attitude is , when he goes to Hospital to protect a murderer , he deems he is doing an act of great merit like taking a King coconut to a patient in Hospital having fever. Obviously when such an individual who cannot identify merits from demerits is the chief of the national security, ruthlessness and murders have to be the order of the day .

Based on the evidence presented to the Courts , Duminda Silva who first shot Bharatha in broad daylight and in public should be placed under arrest immediately. Why is this prime suspect not arrested even after an eye witness has given evidence testifying to it? What is the secret behind this dereliction of duty and monumental failure in law enforcement ? If Duminda is taking treatment in Hospital he ought to be treated as an accused under arrest. Are we wrong in our assumption that Gota is also having a hand in this Bharatha’s murder going by the inordinate efforts he is making to shield and save Duminda in this murder in the face of such glaring evidence and proofs that Duminda killed Bharatha?

In the circumstances , not only Duminda , even Gota should be taken in as an accomplice in this murder , and the laws should be duly implemented against all those suspects. In the least , Gota must resign on his own if he has any sense of shame like in other countries ,for he is an affront to that lofty position he is holding after all these disclosures and evidence mounted against him . Otherwise , he must be removed from his position with immediate effect until the case is over, for he can be a threat to a fair and free investigation when he continues in the post which controls the defense affairs in the country .

It is unsurprising if people are compelled to take the law into their hands when the President and the defense Secretary cannot emerge clean in respect of these incriminations.

By Special Reporter


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