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hampika warns: After Sri Lanka, target could be India

Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said yesterday that India should stand together with China and Russia with regard to the Us-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka at the 19th session of the United Nations Human Rights CounCIL(UNHRC) as otherwise they could be the next target over the Kashmir issue.

Minister Ranawaka who is also the General Secretary of the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) said India would oppose the Us-sponsored resolution and believe that India would take a wise decision and stand with China and Russia when the resolution backed by the United States is presented before the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

He said the United States is bringing the resolution on Sri Lanka as a part of their attempt to secure influence in the entire Indian Ocean region and therefore the US has challenged the sovereignty of the country and its people.

“In the 21st century the most crucial and the most vital ocean is the Indian Ocean and they are aware of it than anyone of us. If they have a stronghold in this region, they can control everything,” he said speaking at a public lecture on western conspiracies and on how the country can face them.

The Minister said that they want this country to be like Afghanistan or Pakistan and do everything to stop development and prevent the country from gaining more power.

“Winning the war against the LTTE was a major win. It paved way for another giant step towards achieving world peace,” he added. He charged that Europe, the US and the UK election campaigning are mostly funded by groups with links to terrorist outfits.

He went on to say that western intelligence agencies had links with the LTTE in order to achieve their goals as they knew that till the conflict is there, they can achieve and get what they want.

JHU parliamentary group leader Ven Athuraliye Rathana Thera said that the country fell into the hands of foreigners due to internal problems the country was facing in different time periods. “Therefore we all have to come together and start working to develop a self-sufficient economy that can face any challenge,” the Thera said.

“One is to avoid food and beverages marketed by the US and other western countries, the other thing we can do to adopt a simple living system,” the Thera noted. Western Provincial Minister Udaya Gammanpila speaking at the event said the US and its partners are very angry with us as we defeated the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world as they are still fighting in Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban.

“Whoever wins the resolution, the country needs to face all the obstacles and challenges as they will try everything to place sanctions against the country and establish puppet governments,” he said.

Source: Daily Mirror – Sri Lanka


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