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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Gunaratnam (Peoples Struggle Movement) doing LTTE bidding

Dharma SRI ABEYRATNE – On the advice of LTTE supporters, a JVP faction led by Kumar Gunaratnam is engaged in hampering the university system, Higher Education Ministry Secretary Dr. Sunil Jayantha Navarathna said. 
He said that the new JVP faction is behind the recent incidents in universities including student demonstrations at the Sri Jayewardhanapura University.
This JVP faction is staging various well-planned actions in universities under the guise of protecting free education and safeguarding students’ rights.

Kumar Gunarathnam’s alleged to have connections with LTTE supporters and the faction receives LTTE funds in return for destroying and hampering the university system, he added.

The JVP faction’s plan is implemented in universities by the Inter University Students’ Federation. Therefore the IUSF is fully backed by the JVP faction providing the IUSF with all facilities, the Secretary further said.

In addition to put into practice the hidden agenda of the LTTE, the JVP faction has planned to gain more political power in the universities over the old JVP activists. The Secretary requests all university students not to fall prey to extremist groups engaged in fulfilling the LTTE’s hidden agenda.

“The students must understand the prime motive of entering universities”. Besides the Secretary further requests university student’s parents to closely monitor the activities of their offspring when in universities.

“The parents have to look into the activities of their children, whether they are engaged in activities which hamper university education,” he said.


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