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Govt. will get tough with conspirators

Says JVP wants to topple govt with FTZ, pension issues
Monday, 06 June 2011
The government yesterday blamed the leftist JVP of a conspiracy to topple the government and charged that it would not be reluctant to take legal action against those who engaged in such conspiracies.

Issuing a statement the government Information Department stated that “State Intelligence agencies were currently investigating after receiving information that thugs had been utilized during the last week’s Free Trade Zone (FTZ) protest to attack the police and create a violent situation.”

The statement also thanked all parties who allegedly averted another incident like the FTZ clash during the funeral of worker Roshen Chanaka and stated that the JVP was behind misleading FTZ workers regarding the Private Sector Pension Scheme and creating an intense and violent atmosphere in the area.

The statement also charged that JVP’s clear motive to topple the government using this unfortunate incident to fulfil their political will and said that “carrying placards stating ‘send Mahinda Rajapaksa home’ is clear evidence of JVP’s conspiracy to topple the government but not to win the rights of the people.”

“The doors of Temple Trees are open to discuss any matters in any field and that the public should be mindful and attentive against such conspiracies against the country,” the statement said.


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