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Govt urged to end talks with TNA

May 1, 2011,

The Federation of National Organisations has requested the government to terminate its talks with the TNA, as the TNA had sided with a section of the international community who are hostile to Sri Lanka.

By siding with the anti Sri Lankan forces the “TNA has exposed its motives and confirmed in no uncertain terms that it is hostile to Sri Lanka,” the FNO said in a statement issued to media.

The statement is signed by Ven. Elle Gunawanse thero, (Desha Abimani Jathika Viyaparaya), Ven Benpamuwe Nalaka thero (Deshapreme Bikshu Peramuna), Ven Omare Kassapa thero (Thunhela Jathika Viyaparaya), Ven Maduruoya Dhammissara thero (Lanka Jathika Sangha Sabhawa), Dr Gunadasa Amarasekera (Patriotic National Movement), S. L.Gunasekera (Manel Mal Movement), Prof. Nalin de Silva (Chinthana Parshadaya), Col. Anil Amarasekera (Thawalama Padanama), Dimuth Gunawardena (Protect Sri Lanka) and Dr. Anula Wijesundere (Jayagrahanaya – Success – Colombo).

Full text of the statement titled ‘The report by the three member panel appointed by Ban Ki Moon’:

“We make the following observations on the report presented by the three member panel appointed by Ban Ki Moon

* This Report is not a report of the UN or the Security Council or of a Committee/Body either appointed or duly sanctioned by either, but is purely and simply a purported ‘Report’ containing the views of three private individuals selected by a BK Moon, a servant of the UN, on his own on criteria presumably known to himself and to no other, and without any mandate granted by the Charter of the United Nations, his employer or its Security Council to do so.

* The said ‘Panel’ was, moreover appointed by Moon despite the express objections of the Government of Sri Lanka and constitutes a wholly unacceptable and unforgivable interference in our internal affairs.

* According to the UN charter the SG is specially barred from seeking advice from anyone external to the UN organization

* The said ‘Panel’ and its purported report are hence devoid of a “pedigree of legitimacy” and illegitimate in all respects.

In as much as no person possessed of an iota of integrity or honour would have accepted appointment to a Panel such as this, which was ex facie illegitimate, the very fact that the members of that Panel accepted appointment thereto and functioned therein without demur at the behest of Moon constitutes irrefutable proof of their mala fides. The ‘track records’ of these three dishonourable individuals selected by Moon also bear witness to their bias against Sri Lanka.

Both Moon and the ‘members of the ‘Panel’ are in addition, beholden to powerful States of the West such as USA, France and UK, all of which and Moon were correctly snubbed by the President when he summarily rejected their demands for a ‘ceasefire while we were on the point of eliminating terrorism.

The overwhelming probabilities are that both the appointment of this ‘Panel’ and its purported ‘Report’ were motivated by a desire for revenge by ousting the President from power and thereby initiate a regime change for having defeated the LTTE and the separatist road map.

While the GOSL on her part has also erred by, having unofficial consultations with Moon and his panel, we caution the Government,

*that it should not, on any account respond to the purported ‘merits’ of the contents of this illegitimate report because doing so would, at least give the appearance of according a non-existence ‘legitimacy’ thereto;

*that there is an imperative need for great circumspection in the selection of persons to play a role in responding to this. international conspiracy and that persons who have supported wholly anti-national measures such as the 13th Amendment, – PTOMS, and Federalism in any way should be wholly excluded from this process even if one or more of them hold ministerial rank;

*that the Government should be aware that such forces inimical to the Country’s welfare would find in this Report, an opening to come forward in the guise of helping the Government, to present purported ‘solutions’, which would undermine the Sovereignty, Independence, and Territorial Integrity of the Country; and

*that while this Report ex facie, presents a road map to bring war crime charges against the President and the Commanders and senior officers of our Armed Forces, the Government should also be alive to and thwart any attempt that may well be made to utilize this report to destabilize and even fragment our Country by compelling the President to implement the 13th Amendment or the 13th Amendment Plus”. The response to this report of the one time lackeys of the LITE, the TNA, lends much credence to this fact.

We strongly urge the GOSL to terminate the discussions it is having with the TNA, as the TNA has exposed its motives and confirmed in no uncertain terms that it is hostile to our Country.

We also strongly urge the government not to participate in any discussions or meetings within Sri Lanka or abroad with any of these international conspirators regarding this report or matters arising out of it.

Finally we most earnestly urge all Srilankans to forget their political differences and affiliations at this critical Juncture and stand behind the President who defeated all imperialist separatist forces, so that he shall face this serious challenge with equal courage and fortitude
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