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Govt. Official Attacked For Allowing National Anthem in Tamil!

A Government official has been attacked for allowing to sing the National Anthem in Tamil at the Eastern University at Vantharumoolai in Batticaloa on Saturday(16).

Informed sources said that the official is attached to the Eravur Divisional Secretariat and he was at the Eastern University organizing an exhibition which was conducted for the third year at the university.

When the National Anthem was sung in Tamil at the beginning of the event a group of students had attacked Patthu Kutty Suman for allowing the National Anthem sung in Tamil, sources said.

The Government official was put down on the ground by the attackers before he was saved by the others at the scene, sources added.

The victim was taken to the Chenkalady General Hospital immediately and was given the first aid for the injuries he suffered, sources said.
The organizers of the exhibition have complained to the police on the attack.

Meanwhile, on Thursday (14) Ampara District Parliamentarian P. Dayaratne speaking at an event where he declared open a new Divisional Secretariat at Thirukovil in the Ampara District welcomed the singing of National Anthem in Tamil.

Dayaratne said that now there was no restriction for singing the National Anthem in Tamil and by singing the National Anthem in Tamil the true meaning of the National Anthem could be understood by the Tamils.

He also added that forcing the Tamil people to sing the National Anthem in Sinhala would be meaningless. “Tamil people would not respect the national anthem when they were forced to sing it in Sinhala,” he said.

In the meantime a few weeks ago Minister of Health and Cabinet Spokesman Dr. Rajitha Senaratne attending an event in the Eastern Province also pointed out that there was no restriction in singing the National Anthem in Tamil. (SGN)


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